Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mtawali’s Band Site Lanched

Matthew Hundley (JaM Multimedia) has lent his services to Kenyan Gospel group Mtawalis Band for the development of a web presence.

Saint Charles, MO June 15, 2009 – Mtawalis Band is breaking new ground with Kenyan Gospel rhythms. With the release of their fourth CD, “Shetani Ameshindwa,” they worked with Matthew Hundley to to launch a website ( and YouTube space (

The website features biographical info, CD information and MP3 samples from the Mtawalis Band CD releases. The YouTube space ( features several videos from their VCD release “Vunja Ngome Za Shetani.”

Matthew Hundley not only helped with the website, but contributed two tracks that appear on the new CD.

The Mtawalis Band was started by singer/songwriter Alfred Mtawali. This was after he discovered the gifts in the young people around him, some of whom were his own siblings. Before then Alfred was in the music industry but at a different angle. This is because during recording sessions, he would hire musicians, pay them and get into the studios and do recording, a trend that some gospel musicians still follow to this date. This approach did not leave time for practice and arrangement of the music, in any case the hired musicians brought in their own music which affected the authenticity of Mtawalis sound.

About JAM Multimedia:
JAM Multimedia is a marketing and design company located in Saint Charles, MO. JAM works with musicians, artists, theologians and some retail accounts to market and develop magazines, books, CD artwork and websites.

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