Thursday, June 18, 2009

Christian Crusaders Radio Expands Web Presence

Cedar Falls, IA June 18, 2009 – Christian Crusaders Radio is moving beyond their radio and web broadcasts to offer a blog, a tweet, news feeds, podcasts and to mark their place on Facebook.

Christian Crusaders have been broadcasting Biblical truth for more than 70 years over the air waves; and more than 10 years now on the internet. Now, the broadcast ministry is focusing on other popular web applications as a means of spreading the Gospel message.

The website features audio (WMA, MP3) and text of sermons which are updated weekly. Audio podcasts are now available and a iTunes site is in the works. The ministry has set up a news blog at: Their Twitter newsfeeds can picked up at: (no Twitter account is necessary to view page or subscribe to feed). You will also find Christian Crusaders on the popular social networking site Facebook.

“We have both an ‘identity’ set up for Christian Crusaders,” said webmaster Matthew Hundley (JaM Multimedia), “as well as a ‘group’ where people can discuss issues brought up in sermons and keep tabs of what is being preached on a weekly basis.”
Christian Crusaders has been broadcasting over the air since 1936. Their current radio pastor, Rev. Dr. Homer Larsen, has been instrumental in the growth of this ministry. Rev. Larsen’s messages challenge listeners today as they have for many decades. Christian Crusaders hopes to capture new listeners by offering their sermons via new channels on the internet.

About JAM Multimedia:
JAM Multimedia is a marketing and design company located in Saint Charles, MO. JAM works with musicians, artists, theologians and some retail accounts to market and develop magazines, books, CD artwork and websites.

Matthew Hundley, Creative Director – (618) 540-9906


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